Wednesday, November 4, 2009



From the very beginning that my children moved within me, I was frightened to no extend! What type of mother will I be?

More then anything I wanted my babies to be happy, to feel safe, to be proud of themselves. Through the years of Domestic Violence I felt I failed my children. I let them see a sad, weak, and at times very depressed mother.

I am writing this short note again because, of them! There love and support through all my pain has brought me out of the darkness.

To my oldest son George, You are an amazing man and because of your love and strength we are blessed. What a true leader you have become.

To my son Moses, what an outstanding, loving and compassionate man, you are! Remember, you are someone! I know your worth!!

To my daughter Olympia, you are my little protector. You are a dynamic woman. You helped and supported me through the abuse and in the end; I was able to remove myself out of the darkness.

Thank you for all your love and support.



Rosa Torres-Sadler